Friday, January 13, 2012

The 'vacation' begins

I can't believe that just a little over six months ago Chris got an email that set this whole Penang "vacation" into action.  It has been clear from the beginning of it that this is where God wants us to be right now.  Not sure why, but we prayed that if this wasn't what He wanted that He would close the door, and He very quickly opened them (and has somewhat had to push me through it).  I thought we would live in Georgetown until the kids graduated from Liberty Hill.  I was perfectly happy with how our life was, but my plans aren't always God's plans as I have been reminded of over the past few months.  This is a big change for us, but we are trusting God with it and going to do our best to enjoy this "vacation" that will last about nineteen months.
Getting here was an adventure to say the least.  We left on Sunday, January 1st.  Our flight from Austin was a little late so we just made it in LA to our flight to Hong Kong.  Cade and Cara each only slept about five hours on the fourteen hour flight from LA to Hong Kong.  There were too many movies and games to play on the entertainment system I think.  For anyone who comes to visit us, just know you don't need a bunch of stuff for your kids (or yourself) on the plane because there are so many movies and shows to watch; at least if you fly Cathay Pacific. 
We did plan a four day stay in Hong Kong and got to go around Hong Kong some and go to Hong Kong Disneyland.  Hong Kong is a great city and we are hoping to get back there before we move back to Texas.  There is so much to do and we couldn't get it all in. 
We finally arrived in Penang on Friday, January 6th.  We were all glad to finally be able to get settled and get our suitcases unpacked.  All of our stuff arrived on Monday, January 9th.  We learned from the families that had come over in July and had our stuff shipped over very early so it would arrive soon after we did.  Our stuff actually made it here before us so it was great that we could get it delivered right after we arrived.  And, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that part of the delivery included unpacking all the boxes.  Now, I did have to find where to put it all, but within three hours, they had it all moved in, accounted for, all the boxes unpacked and the boxes and wrapping taken out.  I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to get it all unpacked and organized if I had to do it all plus we would have had all the boxes and wrapping to deal with.  What a blessing!
The kids were very happy to get their toys that they hadn't seen or played with in three months.  This was nice because it bought me time to get things organized without them wanting to go do something.  One thing that is taking some getting use to is they can't just go outside to play.  There is a playscape at the apartment, but it involves me going downstairs with them.  We are all use to them just heading out when they want to and not needing me to be out there with them because they were just in the backyard.  Not quite the same when you live on the 26th floor!  Of course, we do have some great views from up here.
So, we have been here now for a week.  I have yet to brave driving because these people are crazy - the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car and they drive on the wrong side of the road!  I did tell the kids I would drive us to church on Sunday and I know I will have to drive next week because we have two playdates scheduled since the kids don't start school until Thursday, January 26th.  Praying my driving experiences are uneventful and that I don't get hit by any motorcyles because they are especially crazy. 
I am going to be doing my best to update this weekly of places we have gone, foods we have tried, trips we have taken, etc.  This is definitely God's doing in getting us here, and I can't wait to see and share what He has planned for us while we are here.  Now if we could just decide where our first trip is going to be - so many choices!


  1. I am so glad that you have already started the blog! I loved reading about the adventure so far and I, too, can't wait to hear how God uses you. I will be praying about the driving! Love and miss you!

  2. When Andrew got the offer to move here, I was really surprised, too. I had thought that the kids would spend their entire childhood in our Austin house. I prayed as well and swear that God told me it didn't matter where I lived. Place didn't matter in his plan for me. I'm glad that our mutual moves across the world are giving us a chance to know each other.